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Independent Record Label based in Philadelphia, PA


 SHMNS - Somewhere Between Here and There  Released: May 14, 2013

SHMNS - Somewhere Between Here and There

Released: May 14, 2013

Working with Philadelphia based producer/engineer Brandon Bost, SHMNS were able to develop a unique mix of the electronic elements that dominated their youth with a fresh combination of live musical arrangements. “Recording Somewhere Between Here and There, was an interesting process in regards to figuring out how far I could push the band as musicians and getting to know them as people,” reflects Bost. “It was pretty obvious that even though they have a sort of hi-fi electronic exterior, SHMNS is very much so a band looking for vintage tones—cohesively melding their electronic influence with their vintage sound.“

There is an unregistered hominess in SHMNS’s debut EP that is softened by wistful hypnotics, gradient slopes that marry harmony and lyrics, and an abundance of beauty and balance in Romanos’ voice as he lingers sentiments on the tip of his tongue. Like a summer night so crisp, warm, and humbling, SHMNS cannot effectively run from the mysticism that has been, in ways, naturally selected for their songs; both bold, innovative, yet with a warm touch like that of long drive home with no cars blocking your way.